The DigimixMusic Organisation supplies recorded library production mood music to the television,

radio, film, advertising, audio-visual, multi-media and the games industries worldwide.

Library production mood music, original music and commissions.

Music publishing, music production, music industry consultants.

UK and international licensing through the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS)

The Digimix Music Organisation is an independent music publishing company comprising of various catalogues working on an international basis with commercial publishing interests and production library music, film, TV and audio-visual music comprising: Panama Music Limited, Panama Music Library, Melody First Music Library, Eventide Music Library, Audio Visual Media Music Library, Caribbean Music Library (GB), Musik' Image Music Library (GB), PSI Music Library (GB), ADN Creation Music Library (GB), Promo Sonor International (SARL) (GB), Piano Bar Music Library (GB), Corelia Music Library (GB), Cringe Music Library, First Time Music (Publishing) UK, Scamp Music, Songwriters Showcase, Digimix Music Publishing, Cringe Music.

As a strong pro active independent music publishing company, we work with songwriters, composers and performing songwriter / artistes internationally. We are members of the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), London, England, and The Performing Right Society (PRS) London England and register all of our songwriters and composers copyrights as assigned to us with both MCPS and PRS.

We also collect songwriting publishing royalties on behalf of our songwriters and protect our songwriters interests. If you've had any of your songs or instrumentals released in any format i.e single, albums, compilation albums, videos, DVDs, film, computer games or if you have had your songs or music broadcast on radio and/or television anywhere in the world and you need representation for publishing then please contact us, as we can collect your songwriting royalties / money for you if you haven't been paid. So, If you are unsure if there are any songwriting royalties / money owed / due to you, then contact us to discuss to see how you can benefit from your active songwriting,composing and performing activities

As music publishers working on an international basis, we can audit, back claim and collect UK and foreign songwriting royalties relating to releases on record labels for up to 6 years from the date of release and forever thereafter and for any radio and/or television broadcasts that may have taken place we can go back for the last 3 years from the date of your enquiry to us and then collect your songwriting royalties / money forever thereafter when publishing with us.

We are always keen to be made aware of new up and coming songwriting and performing talent, songwriter, composer and artiste wise, (through their membership of The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers ) and welcome the opportunity to publish your songwriting. We work with songwriters, composers and performing songwriter / artistes / DJs on an international basis. It may be that you are previously unpublished as a songwriter, or are looking to change from your current publisher, whatever your circumstances talking to us may prove beneficial to your current requirements.

We also administer publishing rights for individuals, businesses, partnerships and companies where they do not wish to have the day to day administrative duties and hassle of all that publishing entails. If you are operating a publishing facility, no matter how big or small, and wish to be represented through an administration deal then we would be happy to discuss your requirements.

It may be, however that you are looking for a one-off deal to be able to have any radio broadcasts or third party licensing rights collected. So if you know you are owed / due songwriting royalties / money and you are not able to collect or track down the source of the royalty income from your songwriting activities, then please contact us as we are able to help. We publish many songwriters, composers and performing songwriters/artistes on a worldwide basis

If you would like to chat about any matters about music publishing, licensing production music, songwriting or composing then please contact us.

Publishing Companies (Film and TV)
ADN Creation Music Library
Caribbean Music Library
Eventide Music Library
Musik' Image Music Library
Piano Bar Music Library
Panama Music (Library)
Promo Sonor International Music Library
Promo Sonor International (SARL)
PSI Music Library
Record Companies & Labels
Digimix Records
Digimix Records
Fave Records
Publishing Companies (Commercial)
First Time Music (Publishing) UK
Scamp Music
Fave Music

Song Contests

Billboard Song Contest

USA Songwriting Competition

Nashville Song Search
UK Songwriting Contest  
Industry Organisations
The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers
PRSforMusic (The Performing Right Society/The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society
Free Index
A website facility where lyricist songwriters can sell or licence their lyrics
Website Designers
Multiplex Internet Services

Website Resources

Online Video Guitar lessons and other information

Promotion resource website for songwriters, composers and performing singer songwriters/artistes - marketing for your talent and songs

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A website facility where lyricist songwriters can sell or licence their lyrics



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