The Digimix Music Organisation is an independent commercial music and library production music publishing company founded in 1986. We specialise in and are active in all areas of commercial music publishing, library music production & publishing, licensing, copyright clearance & research, commissioning original music from songwriters & composers, recording and music production, royalty recoveries, catalogue sales and purchases, International copyright royalty collections, royalties and rights management. We are suppliers of recorded production library music to the television, radio, film, advertising, audio-visual, multi-media and games industries worldwide along with being music industry and corporate consultants.

Our production library music is now supplied to our clients, music supervisors, production companies and all other end users working in the radio, tv, film, audio-visual, advertising, multimedia and games industry worldwide in a digital format. A new music search facility will soon be currently available on our website.


Our library production music catalogues are






Producers, production companies, film companies, advertising agencies etc, if you are thinking about music for your next film,TV programme/documentary, advertising, games projects, new media projects or any audio-visual application, then please contact us, we will be pleased to help with any synchronisation requests and to provide complete catalogue details and recordings in a digital format from not only our production music library copyrights but also our commercial copyrights and phonographic recording rights


 Our commercial music publishing catalogues are




UK and international licensing through the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS - London)

MCPS/PRS - PRSformusic licencing fees and rate card

MCPS / PRSformusic Televison Blanket Licence and Independent Production Company Blanket Licence info

Using MCPS Production music - licenses


As a music publishers and libraryproduction music company, we work with songwriters, composers, performing songwriters, musicians, dj producers, EDM producers, who are songwriting, producing, recording working and/or performing in all styles of music. We also work with composers who write production library music for use in the radio, tv, film, audio-visual, advertising, multimedia and games industry worldwide. (see the credits
film, tv, advertising credits)

We are members of The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS), The Performing Right Society (PRSforMusic) We are also members of Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL) and Video Performance Ltd (VPL) through our associated record label Digimix Records and hav an association with The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers (GISC) since 1986

Scamp Music, Digimix Music Publishing, First Time Music Publishing UK, Cringe Music are our company's commercial music publishing catalogues where we work with songwriters for music publisjing and artistes for recording, for release where commercially viable on our own associated record labels Diimix Records, Pure Gold Records, Mohock Records, Rainy Day Records,(see: See Scamp Music and First Time Music Publishing UK credits Scamp Music Publishing

Further to the exploitation and promotion of our company's songwriting copyrights, we also collect music publishing royalties on behalf of our songwriters and composers and protect our songwriters and composers interests. If you as a songwriter or composer have had any of your songs or instrumental works released in any format, i.e single, albums, compilation albums, videos, DVDs, film, computer games, or if you have had your songs or music broadcast on radio or television anywhere in the world and you need representation as a songwriter or composer for music publishing then please contact us, as we can collect your royalties/money for you if you haven't been paid.

It may be however that you are just looking for a one-off deal to be able to have any radio broadcasts or third party licensing rights collected. If you are unsure if there are any royalties/money owed or due to you, then please contact us. We have extensive research facilities for songwriters and artists who are unable to collect their royalties. Our in house research facilities along woith our music industry associates research facilities provide us with information on copyrights, publishing, license requests, and releases. If you have been unable to collect royalties, or obtain the proper licensing of your product, or are unable to track down the source of any royalty income, then please e-mail us at quoting (Digimix Music Research) and we will be happy to make contact with you.

Working on an international basis, we can audit, back claim and collect UK and foreign royalties relating to your releases on record labels for up to 6 years from the date of release and forever thereafter. For any radio or television broadcasts that may have taken place in the past we can go back for the last 3 years from the date of your enquiry to us and then audit to collect your royalties/money forever thereafter when publishing with us.

We also administer publishing rights for individuals, businesses, partnerships and companies where they control their own publishing copyrights, and do not wish to have the day to day time consuming and administrative duties that publishing entails. If you are operating a music publishing facility, no matter how big or small, or are a songwriter controling and owning your own copyrights and wish to be represented through a music publishing administration deal then we would be happy to discuss your requirements

If you would like to chat about any matters relating to your songwriting, music publishing or licensing of our production library music then please do not hesitate contact us.



As a progressive independent company, we are always keen to be made aware of new songwriters, composers, dj producers and artistes, all up and coming talent. We welcome the opportunity to audition your songs, tunes and/or performances. It may be that you as a songwriter or composer are previously unpublished, or are looking to change from your current music publisher or record label. Whatever your songwriting, composing circumstances are, talking to us may prove helpful. We have no preference on how you Submit to us. You can send CDs, or email us with a link to your website, Soundcloud etc. We like to have artistes biographies. If you are a perfoming songwriter/artiste then detils of your gigs and dates are also useful. WE DO NOT require lyric sheets. We DO NOT return cds or any physical product sent to us. We will only contact you if we like what we hear and wish to follow up with you. If you are a member of The Guild of International Songwriters & Composers then let us know as we may have heard some of your works and know of you through their free members assessment service.

(1) Distribution: Release your recordings and performances worldwide through our associated digital distribution networks.

(2) Mastering & Metadata: UPC (barcode), ISRC (International Standard recording Codes), track identification, writer idents, artiste idents, timings, genres, included for every release.

(3) Music publishing: (a) Mechanical licensing, royalty collection & payment distribution. (b) Brodacasting (radio, televison, digital streaming) royalty collection & payment distribution. (c) Live performances (stage, tours, gigs, etc.) royalty collection & payment distribution. (d) All works regsitered with The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and The Performing Right Society (PRS) and associated sub-publishers outside of the UK.



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